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"Coleen's extensive training and knowledge acquired (over 4000 hours) has undoubtedly attributed to her clients enjoying their excellent outcomes."

To have more you must become more.

Attitude determines the quality and quantity of our efforts, those efforts result in the lifestyle we live. Our individual philosophy influences our beliefs, values, habits and behaviours and the way we choose to think determines how our lives turn out.

Coleen McClymans, Empowering Dynamics

Consultant in Neuro Training Systems, Kinesiology, Hypnosis and Lifestyle Strategies

Instructor in Neuro Training Systems, Kinesiology, Personal Development Courses

Training & Knowledge in other areas includes: Natural Therapies, Homeopathy, Iridology, Nutrition, Neurology and Personology - Reading faces.

Director: Empowering Dynamics – Hypnosis & Neurological Training

Member: Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd., Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists, National Australian College of Hypnotherapy, Professional Hypnotists of Western Australia

~ Coleen McClymans
Empowering Dynamics

We inherit genetic resources built into our nervous system (our neurology) and these innate resources hold solutions to challenges in life. 

We are not necessarily trained to appropriately use our innate resources; therefore, we do not achieve and attain all we can be

Highly Professional and Experienced

When our neurology is trained to access your innate resources appropriately, this becomes a natural way for the neurology to respond and we experience more of whom we innately are, flowing harmoniously with the rhythm of our life.
Since 1994 Coleen has studied and trained in many different personal development, health and well being modalities. During this time the extensive training and knowledge acquired (over 4000 hours) has undoubtedly attributed to her clients enjoying their excellent outcomes.
Coleen's interest in alternative health and various other modalities started in her late teens. After working for many years in both private and public sectors of commerce the opportunity became available to pursue her initial interest and thus started a career in the alternative medicine field.
As a consultant and instructor, Coleen’s commitment ensures that clients and students gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they relate in their universe, enabling her to create and maintain a highly professional and successfully career.
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