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Colleen McClymans is the Director and Instructor for the College of Neuro Training, Perth Campus.

Diploma of Kinesiology

This comprehensive course is structured as integrated modules comprised of a combination of face-to-face, self-paced and self-paced on-line or video training. The modules are assessed via face to face in-course assessments (practical, oral & written), and self paced assignments.

Experience the opportunity to study the principles and theory of:

  • Kinesiology and traditional Chinese theory and practice
  • The emotional and psychological aspects of muscles
  • Learn the energetic principles of healing including energy fields and chakras
  • ​Emotional and mental stress and kinesiology
  • Kinesiology and the naturopathic theory in practice
  • Communication skills with face traits and their meanings
  • Why using our genetic references and kinesiology is so important
  • The importance of what stress does to your health and how to deal with it
  • ​The importance of not using a technique approach only
  • ​Learn the difference between symptom and cause when assisting with the best healing process

Diploma of Neuro Training

​ Experience the opportunity to study advanced principles and theory in: 

  • Training the clients internal responses for natural automatic healing and recuperation
  • ​Working with the laws of how we all heal and recuperate
  • Experience the benefits of ‘earn as you are learn’ through our student practitioner clinics. (Available in some campuses)
  • Learn about the naturopathic practices and iridology
  • Discover homeopathy and neuro-frequencies and challenging the healing process
  • Traditional Chinese theory and practice
  • Neuro-Astrology, (Western and Eastern Astrology) and how it can impact healing
  • Cheirology - Hand analysis and your internal thought references
  • Facial Traits and their meanings and your inherited emotional responses
  • Behavioural Genetics and the latest in Neuro-Sciences 
  • The importance of a client based approach for the practitioner
  • Contact us for more information about our Neuro-Training Courses
​Diploma of Neuro-Training 
(Kinesiology (Industry recognised)

​Personal study: Recuperation Certificate or the Activation Certificate

Solution Oriented Neuro-Training Certificate
(Kinesiology industry recognised)

One day classes.


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