Hand Analysis: Cheirology

Fingerprints are often referred to as your blueprint for life or your core psychology.

Cheirology is a science where the traits of the hands are studied and used as a tool for self-discovery. Information from the hands can reveal your emotional sensitivities and needs, and has been used since ancient times from Aristotle etc for vocational aptitudes. Understanding the lines, markings and other characteristics found on the hand enables better understanding of how the brain is communicating via this particular medium.

Carl Yung states: “Hands whose shape and function are so intimately connected with the psyche might provide revealing, and therefore, interpretable expressions peculiarity, that is, of human character.”


There are many reference books and interpretations concerning Cheirology, however, it is not palm reading, fortune telling or predicting futures via an intuitive interpretation of the markings of the hand. 

Rather Cheirology is an internal reference, therefore, not a judgment of personality or character.

Interested in Palm Reading?

The shape of the hand, lines, colour and markings can change over time, new lines appear and old ones disappear. As you change and clear conflicts attitudes, motivations, behaviours etc your lines also change. However, fingerprints do not change; they are unique to you, formed in the womb around the fifth month. Fingerprints are often referred to as your blueprint for life or your core psychology. You alone are responsible for all the changes in your life, changes that result from reactions to stimulus such as stress, distress, diet, exercise and any other contributing factor.

The lines of the palms, the dermatoglyphics (fingerprints), hand shape, skin texture, can all be interpreted to show character, skills, talents/weaknesses, temperament and also an accurate indicator of vocational aptitudes making life far more enjoyable and enriching. 

The skill of Cheirology is incorporated in the workshops in the Blue Print series.

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