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Neuro Training Kinesiology
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Life Changes and Stress
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Areas of Benefit:

Yours with yourself, intimate, personal and professional

Life Changes
Changing careers, Menopause, PMT, Self Esteem & Confidence

Physical restrictions
Muscular aches and pains, headaches, joint & jaw problems, sport
enhancement, improved sleep and recuperation from illness and

Increase your financial intelligence

Study & Learning
Study and Exam stress, learning challenges, mature age study, understanding and intelligence

Neuro-Training Kinesiology
for health and personal potential

Have you ever experienced:

• emotional upset – depression
• relationship challenges
• reoccurring injury, joint and muscle pain
• sleep disturbances
• learning difficulties
• breathing difficulties
• feeling out of control
• lymphatic or hormonal problems
• inability to resolve grief
• never really recovered from an accident, trauma or illness
• not getting what you want out of life

Well this may be the answer you have been looking for to remove stress and improve every area of your life.

Your neurological consultant will facilitate your process to enable you to achieve your goals, feel better about yourself, your life and your relationships, enhancing the joy of living and achieve your full potential.

What is Neuro-Training?

Kinesiology Consultations

Neuro-Training integrates many natural therapies, techniques and principles from both Eastern and Western philosophies in a solution oriented process where you are able to direct your own response through the natural laws that govern the nervous system.

  • Feel better about yourself
  • improve your health
  • change how you feel about your life and the world

A Kinesiology consultation is non-invasive, using muscle checking as a biofeedback mechanism from the body’s neurology assists to identify accumulated stress which is unique to the person’s physiology and then retraining the neurology creating harmony physically, emotionally, mentally and essentially.

Contact Coleen for a private session.

Why would you choose Neuro-Training?

You have an innate ability to adapt and recuperate to influences what affects your everyday life. Should you be unable to adapt appropriately, your subconscious will let you know via various symptoms. Therefore, it is important to consciously pay attention to those symptoms. Age is no barrier to experiencing the benefits of a solution oriented Neuro-Training consult.

Many symptoms experienced are generally suppressed – they are “pushed away”, “go through the pain” and “get on with life” etc. A Neuro-Training consult aims to find the cause of the symptom and, therefore, enable the subconscious to resolve the issue by retraining the nervous system with the best neurological option to solve that particular issue – naturally enhancing your recuperating ability.

How does it work?

Using the skill of muscle checking, the Neuro-Trainer connects to your nervous system, which in turn is connected to your brain, any stress being felt in the nervous system will then be reflected in the change of response in the muscles via the checking.

These responses can then verify the stress you are experiencing in various areas such as your health, work, finances, relationships, goals, specific life events, inherited patterns, learning challenges … anything at all.

Using specific challenges and references will then reveal the areas where you are unable to adapt appropriately. After changing the responses to the cause of the stress, the Neuro-Trainer then trains your nervous system to resolve similar problems in the future. Emotional stressors, physical problems, injuries, energy issues and much more are able to be addressed for optimum future outcomes.

What to expect - possible benefits

You can expect to experience an integration of various therapies and techniques to bring about your personal solution oriented outcome. The gentle skill of muscle checking directs the consultant to identify those adaptions that are inappropriate, and then better neurological options are implemented to suit your preferred ability to recuperate, respecting your individual needs.

Benefits may include:

• Feeling vibrant and energetic
• Clarity of thought
• Feeling happy and contented
• Decisive and enthusiastic
• Increased personal power
• Better relationships
• General sense of wellbeing

……. And so much more

Kinesiology complements other therapies including:

Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Osteopathic, Homeopathic, Herbalism, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Bowen Therapy, Alexander Technique, Massage, Shiatsu, Traditional Eastern Medicine, Western Allopathic Medicine.

Empowering Dynamics offers the Certificate, comprising of five workshops, over a 12 month period.

Neuro Training Kinesiology
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