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Hypnosis is a pleasant and natural frequently occurring state that may be experienced as you drift to sleep, as you awaken, daydreaming, watching TV, listening to music or whenever you put yourself on automatic pilot for example when driving your car or when carrying out routine tasks. The use of hypnosis can enhance your positive experience in a wide range of situations.

Hypnosis is an old and medically recognized therapy having been practiced since ancient times, in temples in all cultures and civilizations across the globe. The term ’Hypnosis’ was coined by Dr James Briad in the 19th century and the field of clinical hypnotherapy has been developing ever since, considered today by clinicians to be a serious topic in the healing arts, supported by the medical field as a valid therapy. Hypnosis is a safe and efficient tool for growth and self-change, virtually applicable to every area of life, and unlike drug therapies, there are no negative side effects to hypnosis making it safe and friendly.

Hypnosis assists you to make desired changes in your life. The trance state allows communication between the conscious and subconscious minds allowing for the transfer and exchange of knowledge. The areas that you may want a more positive outcome might be in academic study, physical fitness, sporting results, better sleep, calm and feeling in control, reduce physical pain and discomfort, stress and anxiety, addictions, depression, exam stress and better results, insomnia, bed wetting, weight control, stopping smoking, undiscovered self empowerment to name but a few.

Clinical Hypnosis is in not stage hypnotism or as depicted in movies, but rather assists you to improve your life in a positive and healthy way. While in a trance you do not lose control, do anything you don’t want to do or go against your own ethics and morals. Using hypnosis as a tool to get in touch with your feelings facilitates the exchange of information between the conscious and subconscious mind and with guidance, respect and trust progress leads to satisfactory results.

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