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Lavender EssenceEssences have been used for thousands of years in Ancient Egypt, Asia, Europe and South America, and by most indigenous peoples of the world.

Dr Edward Bach rediscovered and made popular this healing system using English flowering plants – Bach Flower Essences.

The Hawaiians used the Maui Flower Essences, Ian White, an Australian Naturopath, developed the Australian Bush Flower Essences and there are numerous other essences available for use.

Essences can are made from a variety of substances such as flowers, gems, crystals, shells etc. Flower essences are probably the most well known throughout the world and for this reason reference will be made to flowers essences.

Essences are not therapeutic in nature - not drugs –they work on an energetic vibrational level to balance mind, spirit and soul. Flower Essences are obtained by extracting the healing vibration quality of the flower with its individual signature and matching it to the emotional state of the individual, balancing negative feelings and unproductive belief patterns held in the deeper levels of the subconscious mind.

Flower essences are completely natural and perfectly safe to use, adjusting to the needs of the individual taking them by matching the emotional state, assisting the person to recognize and balance their experiences more harmoniously.

It is not possible to overdose or be harmed when taking an essence as they work on the energetic level, only the healing quality of that essence is being activated. Should an inappropriate essence/remedy be chosen, it will simply not work, as there will be no match with the flower’s signature and relative emotional state, therefore, no ill effects would be experienced. Essences can be used by adults, children as well as animals and plants.


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